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Preventative Care

Keep your pet healthy and happy with wellness care.

Annual Wellness Care includes an extensive examination, vaccinations, fecal examination and deworming, heartworm test, and optional wellness blood work.

Semi-Annual exams are encouraged for all our canine and feline patients with our veterinarians to monitor for health changes and/or to discuss lifestyle changes to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life.


Vaccines are important preventative measures to keep your pet in good health at any age. There are vaccines that should be administered as part of every pet’s regular veterinary care; Rabies for both dogs and cats, distemper/parvo for dogs and FVRCP for cats. Some pets may need additional vaccines depending on their lifestyle – Bordetella, influenza and leptospirosis for dogs and feline leukemia for cats. Schedule a wellness visit for your pet to discuss with the veterinarian what immunizations your pet needs to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Spay & Neuter

You will help control the pet homelessness crisis by spaying or neutering your pet. There are also medical and behavioral benefits to spaying (female pets) and neutering (male pets) your animals. Medical benefits include female pets living a longer, healthier life since spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors. Neutering your male pets prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems. Behavioral benefits include females not going into heat and males being less likely to roam from home.

For dogs, neutering is typically between 6–12 months although some puppies can be neutered as early as 8 weeks. For cats, it is generally considered safe for kittens as young as 8 weeks old to be spayed or neutered.


Nobody plans to lose their furry family member. But accidents can happen. Increase your chances of getting them back! In the unfortunate event that you and your pet are separated, microchipping will assist in reuniting you by allowing animal hospitals, shelters, and area rescue organizations to scan and locate an owner.

Statistics show 1 in 3 pets will be lost at least once in their lifetime. 90% of those lost pets will never return home. Help them come home with a permanent ID Chip. We offer Home Again microchip implant and registration. Learn more about Home Again here.

Dietary Needs

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Flea, Tick & Heartworm

Our team will make recommendations for preventatives against fleas, ticks, and heartworms to protect your pet. We recommend Nexguard, Heartgard, and Revolution.